NEW – December 2016 – Kevin & Kate's Milk Book

Kevin and Kate explore the wonder of milk! From milk to cheese join the adventure as they follow the process to see how milk turns into other things with just a little care & attention!

Buy a book below for €12 including postage  or find a copy  in Stonehouse Books, Kilkenny and Mosses Country Shop, Bennetsbridge, Co Kilkenny. 



Kevin & Kate's Bread Book 

Join Kevin and Kate on their journey of discovery as they find out how to make bread. A beautifully illustrated book with a recipe at the end. A perfect story to share the magic of baking with the young chef in your life.

Buy a book below for €12 including postage  or find a copy in bookshops in Kilkenny and Wexford




Buy Kevin & Kate's Bread Book here for €12 including postage.




Something in the Tin – Biscuits Breads and Cakes from Thirty Years at Lavistown

This timely book is the culmination of over thirty years baking at Lavistown House. For years Olivia has been at the forefront of all things foodie in Kilkenny and now she has developed a further facet to her career, that of author! As you would expect her recipes are clear & concise, easy to follow and well tried. The index runs from Almond Slices to White Chocolate Cookies and even tempts you into the art of yeast bread making. But there is also an element of quirky fun in the writing, she knows the pitfalls and leads you gently around them. The book is beautifully illustrated with handpainted images by Kate Raggett of each delicious bake. The result is a gem of a book, easy to hold and work from as it lies flat whilst you create wonder in your kitchen.


Sorry we are currently out of print on this book.

biscuit book cover