Prices include accommodation and tuition.

BREADMAKING - BEGINNERS Olivia Goodwillie 8th March
This year we will be running two breadmaking courses; a beginners and an advanced. On this one we will get to grips with yeast and how it works, how to knead and how to know when the doughis risen and baked. We will make really good white and brown loaves. These are the staples?.comforting and delicious.

GOOD FOOD FAST Olivia Goodwillie 5th April
This is a course for the person who rushes in from work and wants a dinner on the table within an hour without resorting to packaged food. It will include ideas on the 15 minute supermarket dash, quick food from scratch and food that takes very little preparation but cooks slowly. We will cook and eat our way through the day! Restricted to twelve people.

MOSSES AND LIVERWORTS Daniel Kelly 19th April
This course will look at the mosses and liverworts of woodland and related habitats and help you get to know some of the main species and their ecology. Field identification will be backed up by microscope work.

EXPLORING THE BURREN Roger & Olivia Goodwillie 9th ? 11th May
This year we have decided to try an earlier date than usual. We hope to find some different flowers and especially the elusive gentian. We will also explore the extraordinary landscape moulded by the action of water. While this is not mountaineering there is a considerable amount of scrambling. As before, we will be staying in the hostel in Kilfenora.

FELTING Mary O?Rourke 24th ? 25th May
Felt accessories are high fashion at the moment so come and get wet and soapy as you learn to make bags, slippers and other articles. These two days will show you all you need to know to continue at home.

LANDSCAPE PAINTING Lesley Fennell 6th ? 8th June ?170
This year we are running the course for people who already have some experience of painting outdoors. Spend the weekend away from all distractions with lovely food being brought to you at regular intervals and an excellent tutor on hand.

SEDGES AND GRASSES Roger Goodwillie 14th ? 15th June
Learn the identification skills for both these ‘green’ plants together. We will visit sedge habitats on the Saturday and follow this with drier areas on the Sunday to sort out the grasses. Suitable for people working in the environmental field and anyone else with a particular interest.

BREADMAKING - ADVANCED Olivia Goodwillie 13th September
For those of you who are now comfortable with the basics we will make the more fancy breads, buns and brioche. The process is the same but the ingredients a little more varied. The results carry lots of the wow! factor.

FORAGING FOR WILD FOOD Roger & Olivia Goodwillie 20th September
This popular course will open your eyes to the abundance of edible food in the wild at this time of year. We will eat fruits, seeds, roots and leaves and grow to admire our hunter/gatherer ancestors. Some of the day will be spent cooking our collection over an open fire. A good course for kids and grown up kids.

MUSHROOMS & TOADSTOOLS I Roger & Olivia Goodwillie 3rd - 5th October
Last year’s cold wet summer followed by a dry autumn was not good for the mushroom hunter! Let’s hope that this year will be more fruitful and that we will find many wonderful shapes and tasty morsels

MUSHROOMS & TOADSTOOLS I I Roger & Olivia Goodwillie 11th October
A single day’s mushroom gathering based in Kilkenny. Join us on this annual pilgrimage into the woods to learn the good, the bad and the ugly

BASKETMAKING Irene Kelly 7th - 9th November
?180 (inc. materials)
Here is an opportunity to learn this fascinating craft with a tireless teacher. With a minimum of tools and equipment you will be able to make two willow baskets during the weekend and go home delighted with your new skill.

CHRISTMAS MEDLEY Irene Kelly & Olivia Goodwillie 29th ? 30th Nov. ?150
Last year was the first for this fun course. We will cook some party nibbles and edible Christmas gifts, do simple wrappings and decorations and on the Sunday make beautiful crib figures. With only a month to go it will really get you in the Christmas spirit.